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Host Dry Carpet Cleaning

Host Dry Cleaning for Carpets

Host Carpet CleaningWe use the HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System which uses environmentally preferred, Green Seal Certified cleaning products that deep cleans your carpets quickly and easily.  HOST is a safe and effective green floor cleaning system made from 100% plant-based resources and a little bit of green cleaning chemistry.

Carpets do not re-soil as quickly because there is no sticky residue to grab and hold fresh soil. Because the Host Carpet Cleaning system does not contribute to re-soiling, regular, frequent vacuuming keeps the carpet cleaner for longer.

Aridex Dry Upholstery Cleaning

Aridex Dry Cleaning for Upholstery

Aridex Upholstery CleaningA simple and fast method for deep cleaning your upholstered furniture anytime without the inconvenience of getting it wet. Great for cleaning all types of fabrics including velvet, jacquard, weaves, tapestry, brocades and leather. The Aridex® machine has a powerful wet/dry vacuum to pre-vacuum the upholstery before cleaning.

The Aridex® machine has a powerful wet/dry vacuum to pre-vacuum the upholstery before cleaning. The machine converts detergent solution into a dry dense foam with only 10% moisture.

Specialist Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning Harpenden

When homeowners need a reliable upholstery cleaner or carpet cleaner in Harpenden, they contact Grant Hollier of Harpenden Cleaning. For years, Grant has been leading the way in domestic and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. With a reliable and friendly service using only the very best in machinery and equipment.

Using the latest professional dry carpet cleaning machines from Host, we can offer many benefits:

  • Lifts and revives matted carpet pile.
  • Deep cleans and removes soil & spots.
  • No sticky detergent residue to attract new soil so your carpets stay clean longer.
  • You will never worry about damage from mildew, split seams or shrinkage.
  • Carpets are left dry and ready for immediate use.
Grant Hollier - Harpenden Cleaning

Grant Hollier

Grant has been providing carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Harpenden and throughout Hertfordshire for over a decade.

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Laboratory scientists

3 Out Of 4 Causing A Spot Of Bother…

Most of us realise that when it comes to garnering information or seeking advice on the internet there are some dubious sources out there and we shouldn’t believe everything we see and read. So how do we decide who to trust? For the news we might look for a recognised broadcaster like the BBC or national broadsheets and tabloid newspapers. For consumers looking for help in making purchasing decisions Which? is one of the most popular sources of advice. This is what makes the discovery that their recent product testing procedures were seriously flawed so disappointing. Which? recently tested several carpet spot removal products and graded them on price, ease of use and how well they removed spills. Which? also looked at home remedies and, in their wisdom, recommended using washing up liquid to remove spills from carpet. It was this very poor advice that caught our eye and WoolSafe began to dig a bit deeper. The reason why Which? can recommend washing up liquid is because they don’t test the rate of soiling after application. What is the point of cleaning up a spill only for all the dirt to stick to the washing up liquid residue left behind? You just end up with a dirty great big stain. WoolSafe also found, under controlled testing, that some of the spotters recommended by Which? caused rapid soiling, bleaching, colour run and one was even highly combustible! We decided to broaden the testing to even more products on the High Street and this is our alarming discovery: 75% – that’s 3 out of 4! – of the random selection of spot removers FAILED the WoolSafe standard tests (and are therefore not suitable for use on all carpet fibres, including wool)Over half of the products will cause rapid soiling, leaving your carpet in a worse state than [...]

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Is ‘bleach cleaning’ your carpet a good idea?

If you walk into any carpet retailer up and down the land you will find posters, stickers and labels proclaiming that certain ‘stain proof’ carpets are ‘bleach cleanable’. There are even images on sample books and in magazine advertising showing pictures of children on carpets together with an image of a bottle of bleach. So, is cleaning your carpet with bleach a good idea? Well, consider the following facts and make your own mind up. Bleach can damage the carpet backing and sub-floor When carrying out spot removal not all the cleaning solution will remain on the carpet’s surface, some will soak down to the backing; this is especially true of polypropylene carpet. So, even if the carpet’s face fibre is tolerant to strong chemicals, as the bleach migrates down the pile it can damage the carpet backing and underlay. If tracked around it may also damage the fibre and strip colour from other, non-polypropylene carpet in your home. Bleach is hazardous, especially to children and pets Bleach remains active unless it is ‘neutralised’. Do you know how to neutralise bleach? The vast majority don’t. If your pet comes into the home with wet feet and walks over, or sits, on the area that has been treated with bleach they could potentially suffer chemical burns. Babies crawl over, and children play on the carpet, why would you put them at risk? Bleach is bad for your respiratory system All the while you are leaning over a spill and cleaning it with a bleach solution you are breathing it in. Bleach is bad for your lungs and causes other side effects including skin burns, damage to the nervous system, asthma flares, headaches, migraines and vomiting….remember it was used in world war one as a weapon. If you can smell it then it is doing you harm! Bleach is bad [...]

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The Perils of Penny Pinching

At the WoolSafe Organisation we offer free carpet care and spot removal advice to carpet manufacturers, retailers and owners. We seem to be receiving increased numbers of calls from consumers who have employed the services of ‘cut price cleaners’ and have been left, at best, with cleaning results they were disappointed with and at worst, with destroyed carpets. Invariably the consumer has been enticed by low cleaning rates. We’ve all seen the flyers; £10.00 per room £50.00 the whole house! It turns out that the ‘cheap cleaners’ are actually false economy, the old adage ‘buy cheap, pay twice’ comes to mind or as my old school teacher used to say “if you pay peanuts you get monkeys”. To be able to quote so low certain cleaning processes are invariably cut short or not carried out at all. A very important first step in carpet cleaning is vacuuming. Over 80% of the soil in carpet is dry particulate that has worked its way to the bottom of the pile. It is this coarse sand and grit that abrades the fibres and if not removed can cause premature wear and pile flattening. In synthetic fibre carpets it is this kind of soiling that ‘scratches’ the fibre causing it to lose its lustre and develop permanent grey/brown traffic lanes. After dry soil removal, many different methods of cleaning can be employed; however the majority have two distinct steps. The first step is to apply a cleaning product to the carpet, agitate and leave to dwell for a few minutes. Step two is to rinse, in the case of hot water extraction or vacuum away, in the case of low moisture encapsulation and ‘dry compound’ cleaning. With cut price cleaning, step one is often cut short (dwell time and agitation is insufficient) or omitted and the [...]

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red wine spill on carpet

The cleanability of carpet fibres – Is wool or synthetic carpet easier to clean?

The debate about which carpet fibre is best has raged for decades and doesn’t show signs of letting up any time soon. Having once been a carpet cleaner, for almost a decade, I have cleaned just about every carpet fibre on the market. Putting aside for now the cellulosic fibres like sisal, coir and linen which need very specialist cleaning methods and techniques you are left with wool and the synthetic fibres. The two most common synthetic fibres used in carpet manufacture today are polypropylene and Nylon with polypropylene now most favoured in the UK for use in domestic installations. A lot has been said about the ‘cleanability’ of polypropylene, how it is easy-clean and supposedly stain proof. So how does wool compare? To answer that we need to understand the difference between maintenance and spot removal and look at the different carpet fibre’s appearance retention over its lifecycle. The most important issue for carpet owners, in my opinion, is how the carpet in which they have invested, and that they want to happily live with for many years, will respond to what modern living will throw at it. In other words, will it keep looking good, or will its appearance gradually and inevitably deteriorate? This appearance is made up of a number of things, like loss of texture, loss of thickness, gradual loss of colour and, yes, appearance of spots that won’t come out anymore. All carpets have their strong points and weaknesses. Polypropylene carpets, for instance, are promoted and recommended because of their stain resistance. They are indeed almost impossible to stain with water-based staining materials (basically, because pp does not absorb water). However, they DO NOT resist oily or greasy stains very well. Polypropylene carpets lack the resilience of wool and because the fibres don’t have the memory to bounce back the carpet tends to [...]

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