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Carpet Care Tips for Commercial Facilities

Constant 24 hours a day 7 day a week use is both an opportunity and challenge for commercial facilities. How do you keep carpet in service round the clock—both in common areas and in individual rooms and offices?

How do you maintain and keep this heavily trafficked carpet looking beautiful day in and out?

Facility managers and executive housekeepers are not only under pressure from managers and owners to deliver these benefits, but they also deserve solid, practical advice on how to accomplish this objective.

Planned attack

The appearance or performance of carpet in common areas is often disappointing, particularly in lobbies, hallways and lower floor entrances to elevators.

Turnaround time on individual rooms, hospitality suites, ballrooms, and other guest spaces is critical. Often, the carpet is cleaned intermittently, after soil has built up and is visible. Preventing odours and sometimes mould growth in rooms is crucial.

In terms of sheer performance, we are asking a lot of carpet in hospitality environments.

Proper cleaning and maintenance must be carried out to ensure high performance. It is important, in this context, to realise that changing the flooring system does not change the

amount of dirt that is brought into the facility. Acknowledging this critical fact will help you provide maintenance planning and schedules that achieve real, satisfying carpet performance.

Carpet solutions

So from a practical, day-to-day maintenance point of view, where does the executive housekeeper begin? What should they do to keep carpeted areas clean and in constant service?

Cleaning the carpet once soiling can be seen just won’t solve the problems above. Deal with the dirt as it accumulates; this requires a planned attack.

Here are some recommendations that will make a significant, immediate difference in keeping carpet clean and contributing to a healthy physical environment.

This article was originally published on the Host Website.