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Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetles: Are They The Next Bed Bugs?

Carpet Beetle

An interesting article found in the Village Voice:


The Voice recently wrote about bugs’ inevitable triumph over humankind.

And though it doesn’t look like bed bugs are necessarily going to be the creepy, crawly culprits who enslave us, we have recently learned about another species that comes out while you are asleep and defenseless: carpet beetles.

So what’s the deal?

Writes bed bug expert Marcia Anderson on the EPA’s “Greening the Apple” blog:

“Several months ago I received an e-mail from a city resident who was getting bites at night that she thought were from a spider. Large, and itchy, but with a burning sensation that told her they weren’t mosquito bites. The problem escalated until she had over 40 red welts on her legs. ‘I was getting groups of about 5-20 ‘bites’ every night, and my husband had none, and he wore boxers! Also, after the first few nights, I was wearing heavy sweat pants to bed tucked into my socks, and still found marks!'”

Read the rest of this article on the village voice website

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